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Got schemes, schematics, 
blue prints on file.
You've got to have dreams
to make it all worth while.
-The Move, Beastie Boys
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So get off the fence. 
It's creasing your butt.
Life is a party. 
Let's get out and strut.
-Mixed Emotions, Rolling Stones
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Meet KIMBERLYHarmonizing Personality & Profitability

[brænd-spuh-rey-shuhn] noun
1. a distinctive business, product, or person inspired by lyrics
2. Kimberly Bordonaro, Brand Strategist + Lyrical Savant


You know how everyone seems to have a friend that can randomly recite movie quotes – anytime, anywhere, and for any reason? I’m that friend hyped up on song lyrics. So, when it came to creating my signature philosophy of breaking down brand strategy into simplified tactics for everyday entrepreneurs, Brandspiration™ was born.

I designed this website to give you practical tools and strategies for creating your brand – and included ridiculously fun lyrical references + personal insights from my 13+ years of experience in marketing, public relations, and brand strategy.

My services and products are designed for coaches, consultants, freelancers, bloggers, and creative start-ups who want to amplify their business — but may not have the budget to hire a creative agency or in-house brand manager. Let’s start designing your brand that puts you in the spotlight with customers, credibility, & cash.

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Launching (or revamping) a new business or blog? Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed. Frustrated. Slightly Discouraged. You’ve got what it takes to grab the spotlight and you’ve got the skills to pay the bills… but you just don’t know where to start when it comes to launching your brand.

That’s where Brandspiration™ comes in. Product and services that help you create, strategize, and market a profitable, personality-popping brand. Because let’s face it – you want your products and services to sell out without your brand becoming a sellout.

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Every move you make. Every vow you break. Every smile you fake. Every claim you stake. I’ll be watching you. — The Police, Every Breath You Take

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Today’s must follow goes to @Brandspiration
- she knows personal branding, and understands the allure of a Beastie Boys t-shirt.

–Brian Clark, Copyblogger Media

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Get fresh brand strategy tips + subscriber-only content
that attract clients to your business like groupies to a rock star.

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